Monday, September 12, 2011

Hey all, I'm coming back

How's it been going, blog readers? It has actually been a long time since I've blogged at the same level that I used to; in short, I've had a pretty incredible summer, one which I hope has been a source of great emotional (and professional) growth for me. That said, not only is the summer a traditionally slow time for the gaming industry, with many of its heaviest hitters sitting on the bench until the holiday season, but this year I've been too busy with life's callings to devote much time to the games which *did* release.

I'm working to return gaming and writing about gaming to its place in my life; an industry in which I aspire to get into and a hobby that has always been my passion. I've recently picked up a Nintendo 3DS and despite my sketicism, I couldn't be happier with the handheld so far. On the console front, I'm catching up on some old games I've missed, such as Super Paper Mario, but I also hope to get into the likes of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. On the 3DS, I'm working to finish (for the first time) Ocarina of Time, as well as Rayman 2 and Star Fox 64. I'll have impressions and, eventually, reviews up for all of these games, and I'll be continuing to supply a steady stream of news, editorials, podcast appearances, and even reviews to

So, if you like what I write, keep an eye out. I'll be trying to update this blog more frequently in the months going forward, and remember, you can follow me on Twitter for not only notifications on blog updates but also for any other random crap that I happen to want to share with the world. Last year was absolutely jam-packed with gaming; this year has so far been much more subdued as far as big releases go, but it's still only September. We'll see how the next 3 months look!


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  1. About time you update this man, i've been waiting for over a month, haha. Gotta say it's good to see that you'll be updating again.