Thursday, January 6, 2011

And my Game of the Year is....

Yup, Rockstar's done it again. Red Dead Redemption's the real deal. For my more detailed thoughts on it you can read my review in the post below this, but nobody but Rockstar seems to be able to mix fun gameplay with such a well-written and presented storyline. This is a Western video game like none other that I've played, single-handedly destroying the original Red Dead Revolver and Neversoft's (also good,) GUN. This is why I play video games in the first place, to always be in awe at the many activities available to me, to realize that every one of these activities is well-made and fun to play, to see that amazing visuals and audio can make it feel like I'm really journeying through the old's amazing. This is definitely the best game of the year, and though it's similar to GTA in many ways, it also never stops feeling like its own thing. If you haven't played this one yet, definitely give it a shot. Amazing experience to top a year of great games.
 Here's hoping for more great stuff this year, 2011!

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