Monday, December 27, 2010

Game of the Year 2010 Third Nomination: Final Fantasy XIII

Well, after yet another unbearably long wait, Final Fantasy XIII was released this March, and just like Final Fantasy XII before it, it would seriously divide the fanbase. The developers' decision to base Final Fantasy XIII's game design on that of an action game meant that things like interaction with characters outside your main party and exploration were scaled back to a very bare minimum. Even though it was flawed, however, Final Fantasy XIII pulled me into its story and characters and took me along for the ride like only Final Fantasy seems to know how to do. One of the best battle systems I've ever experienced and very frequent and captivating cutscenes ensured that Final Fantasy XIII was always a blast to play, and its action-driven approach, though not without its issues, meant there was literally not a second of downtime in the game's first 9 chapters. Amazing visuals and a great score that merges orchestration and electronica made me excited to see every new environment that the characters would end up in.

Final Fantasy XIII's relentless pacing, likable characters, awesome battle system, and top-notch visuals and audio, and incredibly-directed cutscenes make this latest installment in the long-running series worthy of a nomination, even if it's not necessarily the best in the series. It still manages to be the best Japanese RPG I've played this gen.

Note: As with all the games that I've nominated, you can read my review of Final Fantasy XIII in the Archive, though keep in mind, my GOTY is not based on which game this year has gotten the best score. It's based on which game has, looking back, left the biggest impression on me and delivered the most memorable experience.  


  1. This one was alright... but I lost touch with Final Fantasy after 10.

    Ten was the best for me.

  2. First of all, thanks for commenting. =]

    And yeah I agree. Final Fantasy 10 was my favorite in the series.

    FF13 was definitely flawed and it doesn't come close (imo) to my favorites, FF9 or FF10....but, on the other hand, I thought the battle system was so fun and the story so involving (even though, again, maybe not the best in the series) that it was still deff one of my favorite games of the year.