Sunday, November 21, 2010

Announcement: New blog look

Just giving props to Shadi from for coming up with the new color scheme for the blog. I think it looks pretty good, and if it makes these (pretty long, sorry, I write a lot) posts easier to read, then I'm all for it. Link to my review archive of 80+ reviews (going back to when I was in high school all the way up till this point) coming up in the next announcement.



  1. Awesome. glad you finally got it up! =P
    Seems a little plain to me personally. I think maybe an image of a bong on the upper right corner could give this layout better balance... ^^

    hehe joking. glad you like it. although I do think it could use an image to help balance out the layout. Doesn't have to be a bong.

  2. I also notice that in the "comments" section, the name of the commenter is pretty much invisible unless you scroll over it.

  3. Oh I see.
    That must be for URL's that haven't been clicked. I'll get around to fixing that soon.

    Easy mistake to fix. Just got a lot of stuff to do before next week.